Episode 013: De La Salle Oaklands

“The history of the De La Salle Bugle Band and Drum Corps is generally thought to be the period that spans 64 years – from 1910 to 1974. However, the story begins much earlier, 1866 to be exact, and doesn’t quite end with the 1974 season” …


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1 thought on “Episode 013: De La Salle Oaklands

  1. Jim Dwyer

    First time listener. Absolutely brilliant. Expect to spend many hours at this site. Not a former Del member but familiar with their history of having appeared in the last St. Patrick's Day parade in 1878. You mentioned Toronto did not have another Parade until 110 years later. As it happens I am one of the five founders of the 1988 St. Patrick's Day parade! From 60-65 I was with a Senior Corps in Montreal called the Vics Drum & Bugle Corps and from 2006-2010 I was with the Optimists Alumni as Business Manager and Transport Manager which has afforded me the opportunity to see the Del Alumni Concert Band (DOCA) perform a number of times and they are still a crowd pleaser. Jim Dwyer

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